A boy and his Mama

These were taken by my amazing friend Angie. I have only a handful of pictures of just Ollie and me so these are extra special to me. They really capture him and how sweet it is to be loved by O.

DSC_9261 copy
DSC_9276 copy
DSC_9284 copy
DSC_9377 copy
DSC_9386 copy
DSC_9399 copy


diana said...

Those pictures are great! You look just like you did ten years ago. You look like a movie star in the B&W of you kissing him.

Those pictures make me so happy to be a mommy.

Thanks for posting. I've missed you!

Staci said...

Sara those are so priceless! They make me want to cry. Why do I get so suckered in by pictures. Love them. There's nothing like a boy and is mamma! Hope you guys are doing good.

Karina said...

Oh my! Fantastic! My faves are the first one, the laughing one on the bed, and the colored one where you're kissing with the berries in the foreground.

Those are soooo great. You look ma-velous, darling.

The Wadsworth's said...

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh. So beautiful! I can't get enough of your pics! I wish you were closer so that you could take mine. My little boy just turned 1 two weeks ago. Keep in touch :)

Leslie said...

TOTALLY precious. i LOVE these.

Declansmom said...

You two look beautiful!! I love these pics!

AD said...

Man, these are priceless! Perfect!

Abby said...

Cna you share with me how you make your photos so large...mine always come out small...any help would be appreciated!