New Blog

This one will get updated less (like thats saying anything!) and this one below will be updated daily. My new year resolution is to document his life better.

My Oliver, one picture a day. Minimal photoshopping, no staging...just real life, as it happens.

Can't wait to see how this one turns out! I can tell it's gonna be a good n'.



Sometimes when we're bored...

Sylvester the kitty was sound asleep on my lap. We realized just how soundly he was asleep when we started moving him around. He wouldn't budge. So I asked Al to film me trying to wake up him up. When the camera started rolling, the minds began melding, and suddenly Celine Dion lyrics started flowing from Alex's amazing voice, whilest my thumb became the instrument. The music was divine. See for yourself.

Alex and I like to entertain ourselves by laughing our guts out. Tonight was just one of those nights, and my sister,just happened to have allowed me to kitty-sit.


Oliver is busy

Check him out



A boy and his Mama

These were taken by my amazing friend Angie. I have only a handful of pictures of just Ollie and me so these are extra special to me. They really capture him and how sweet it is to be loved by O.

DSC_9261 copy
DSC_9276 copy
DSC_9284 copy
DSC_9377 copy
DSC_9386 copy
DSC_9399 copy


Still here

I'm so far behind, I don't know where to start. I'm consumed with keeping my other blog up to date. Shameful, I know. How's about I make a big fat re-cap post by say, March 15th? A deadline. I can meet a deadline. I can. Just you wait.

Or maybe don't hold your breath. I've been known to be full of c-rap.

Here's a taste of the Ollie love as of late. I adore this kid.



You thought you were getting a real post? Of course not. I'm surprised if you're even reading this. Haven't you written me off completely?

Hmmm....pretty please email me your mailing address.
It's holiday card time, and I want to send YOU one.

You have one day.


Hi Long Lost Blog....How are you?

I know, I know....no excuse. I don't even know where to start to catch up. How's about some Halloween for you's?

Oliver: John McCain

Quinn: Sarah Palin

The Parents: Secret Service, of course.

Uhm, I'm gonna need to check the candy sir.

Doin' a little shopping.

"I'd take a bullet for you."

Campaign Kisses.

Carseat Candidates
"I can see Russia from my house!"
Ahhh, the McCain comb-over.

Explanation: The bandaid on O's head....he fell down during family pictures, just in time for Halloween.
See the PRE-injury pictures here: http://photosbyangie.blogspot.com/2008/10/for-sara.html




I know I'm really behind on updating this here blog...can't do it now. I'm swamped.

Here's a quick funny for the day though....

So we have DVD players in the car and Ollie watches movies when we go out. (His attention span is about 45 seconds, so to say "watches movies" might be a stretch.)We got him Monsters Inc yesterday. He's watched the beginning few scenes maybe 3 times (between trips to Target and the gas station and Daddy's work.)
This morning, we get in the car to go to school (yeah, he goes to school..watch for furture posts about this n') and the DVD starts up. I hear Ollie say in a really low voice, "COMING SOON!" I laughed and said "what did you say?" He says again, "COMING SOOOOOON!" Then I hear the DVD say, "COMING SOON!" Yeah, the previews were playing and Ollie had that part memorized. It made me laugh so hard. Guess you had to be there...but really, this kid is hilarious. I love when he comes up with stuff on his own and I get to see his little personality. He's hilarious JUST like his mother. :)


This face...

Go ahead and eat the dirt sweetie. Do anything you like.
Oh how I love this face.

Captain underpants...

There is a story behind all this underwear business. Here is the 10 peso version. Ollie is getting really good about the whole potty thing, but when I bought him underwear he thought it was time to pee on it. Every time I put a new pair on him he'd shout loudly, "I PEED!" So we'd change them and he'd pee...three times we did this before the pull ups went on. He needs constant reminders, but so far so good. He told us "potty" a lot while while we were in IP so we figured we'd give it a go when we got home. I'm not too committed to it so I don't care if he's in a diaper, undies, or pull-ups. I'm just letting him explore the whole idea. We'll see.

These pictures? Cando and I had a fun time experimenting with our kids' hair today. It's what girls do when they have babies...they play dress-up.

Candace and I thought this shot looked like he was playing air-guitar. In his heart, he is Bret Michaels...I just know it.

Island Park

Al's family has a cabin up in Island Park, ID. It's a special place for us all to go and be together. This time might have been my favorite trip so far. Oliver is at the age that he can come floating down the river with us, swim in the lake, go on bike rides etc. We had so much fun with him. I do love me some "I-yun Part" as O says. Here's shots of the some of the F.U.N.

Swimmin'/boating with Daddy and Grace
Taking a sunset boat ride to see baby greebs.

Alisa and the mama watching our peeps play on the dock. We're VERY busy.

This busts me up. He'd put his head in the water and swim like Uncle Yale. And his bum....oh his little bum. I love it.
Gearing up for some potty training. Peeing off the dock. Officially documented. 'Nuff said.

Buried in Nanny's shirt and yawning. It's very tiring..all this lazy stuff.

Goooood times!


The 4th is the 4th of course of course

Here's the low-down on the 4th around the Boulter pad. Check it, love it. Peace out.

Ollie was so excited to walk down to the parade. We said, "Ollie, let's go outside! We're going to walk down the street and people are going to throw candy at you!" Who knows what he thought. But it was hilarious to see how excited he was.

Staring at the floats going by. What the? Who cares! They're throwing candy at me!
He wouldn't let any of it go. His hands got so full, he couldn't gather anymore. We tried to explain that if he made a little pile of candy, he could go back for more. No. He was holding it all tight. Hands off Mom.
Oh my little sugar bear. He ate soooo much sugar. I give in on holidays...I don't know why. He was crazy by 2 o'clock. I guess once a year won't kill us.
New shoes. I had to snap a shot of em. I love this kid.

O and Grandma Gleason at the family picnic. He does love his g'ma.
Reason #445 that I am a fantastic mother: I let O get out of the carseat when we got to the dirt road up the canyon. Yeah, DCFS...call me. :)
Again, my fantastic mothering in action. What's more American than Coke? Sheesh.
Making our way through the crowds. FUN!
Parade with the Mama. Good times.

Watching Daddy light fireworks from the fence.
I want to eat this face.

Happy 4th!