Island Park

Al's family has a cabin up in Island Park, ID. It's a special place for us all to go and be together. This time might have been my favorite trip so far. Oliver is at the age that he can come floating down the river with us, swim in the lake, go on bike rides etc. We had so much fun with him. I do love me some "I-yun Part" as O says. Here's shots of the some of the F.U.N.

Swimmin'/boating with Daddy and Grace
Taking a sunset boat ride to see baby greebs.

Alisa and the mama watching our peeps play on the dock. We're VERY busy.

This busts me up. He'd put his head in the water and swim like Uncle Yale. And his bum....oh his little bum. I love it.
Gearing up for some potty training. Peeing off the dock. Officially documented. 'Nuff said.

Buried in Nanny's shirt and yawning. It's very tiring..all this lazy stuff.

Goooood times!


Stacy Mike and Thalia Talbot said...

Oh his little bum shot with his face down is too precious! What a ca-utie!

KT said...

Looks like tons o fun! I can't wait to have one...a baby, not a boat or a duck or anything.

KT said...

Oh, and tonight I read Warren some parts out of that bloody journal I insisted on writing in when we went to South Africa together. Let's just say Warren reading that journal was NOT my best idea. I did mention how funny you were though.

Thompson Bunch said...

Boys are such a riot!! As they say "boys will be boys!!"

Tiffani said...

That little Oliver is just gorgeous. He looks like such a summer boy with his naked bum and blonde hair. CUTE!

Melissa said...

I am busting up. Starting him young peeing off the dock. That is so funny with his little bum sticking out.
He really is so cute.