The 4th is the 4th of course of course

Here's the low-down on the 4th around the Boulter pad. Check it, love it. Peace out.

Ollie was so excited to walk down to the parade. We said, "Ollie, let's go outside! We're going to walk down the street and people are going to throw candy at you!" Who knows what he thought. But it was hilarious to see how excited he was.

Staring at the floats going by. What the? Who cares! They're throwing candy at me!
He wouldn't let any of it go. His hands got so full, he couldn't gather anymore. We tried to explain that if he made a little pile of candy, he could go back for more. No. He was holding it all tight. Hands off Mom.
Oh my little sugar bear. He ate soooo much sugar. I give in on holidays...I don't know why. He was crazy by 2 o'clock. I guess once a year won't kill us.
New shoes. I had to snap a shot of em. I love this kid.

O and Grandma Gleason at the family picnic. He does love his g'ma.
Reason #445 that I am a fantastic mother: I let O get out of the carseat when we got to the dirt road up the canyon. Yeah, DCFS...call me. :)
Again, my fantastic mothering in action. What's more American than Coke? Sheesh.
Making our way through the crowds. FUN!
Parade with the Mama. Good times.

Watching Daddy light fireworks from the fence.
I want to eat this face.

Happy 4th!


diana said...

He looks just like you! I can't believe it. He has your eyes exactly. What a cutie! Glad you had a Happy 4th! Love ya.

Tiffani said...

First of all...how stinkin' fun that you have a pool in your backyard. Jealous! Those pictures of Oliver on the 4th are so cute. He is such a doll. And what a babe you are! Seriously...you look gorgeous as ever. Love ya girl!

Cando said...

Yummmy.. I could also eat that face. He is so stinking cute. And not so much on the missing a chromosome. I am updating my blog finally and I don't want you to look at it. My camera SUCKS and I can't take pictures. Not even candid ones!!GAAAAAAA

Staci said...

I think you had a great weekend! How did your shower turn out? And the diaper cake? Okay, I know you are so so busy, but my friend wants me to take some maternity pics for her probably this weekend. Do you have any tips for me regarding natural light? I don't know why it is so hard for me to get the dang exposure right. I took some of Dylan at 11 am and they were way too dark w/o flash, and overexposed with it. I have a lot of learning to do! Anyway, I want her to end up with a least a few descent pics. We will just be taking them iside her house. Thank you much!

KT said...

Ollie's life was perfect. I kind-of wish I lived in a world where people threw candy at me everyday.

Thompson Bunch said...

I ditto Diana's comment cause that's what I was gonna say! :)

Oh yeah and I'm glad you updated your blog lol.

The Forney Four said...

OHMYGOSH!!! I love these pics. He's so freakin' cute. That pic of his face towards the end, WOW!! He kinda looks like you. and ALex. and my kids. How is that possible? :) I loved seeing these pics. Thanks so much for posting them!!

Hutchinson said...

Sara, you are the cutest mom! I love reading your blog. Your little guy makes me smile. So cute!!! Do you live close to all your family and his? So fun!

Hutchinson said...

Okay... I just realized that you have to approve of your comments. SO I feel really dumb because I've probably left a million comments over and over trying to make it work. Duh!

Stacy Mike and Thalia Talbot said...

Hands down you and Cando's Office questions were the best! I think your Office parties sound awesome and I love the Jello idea. Ok I already know you are amazing I just had to tell you one more time, oh and I also know you love it!